Ella Bates

Ella Bates


Core 21, 21 Simcoe Street South, Oshawa, L1H 4G1
E: ella@ellabates.com
W: www.trainingx3.com

We specialize in corporate training from Communication to Leadership. We believe in taking massive action to master a topic, dream or goal. With our proprietary Trainingx3 formula, we design your training with:

1. Knowledge Retention: to apply what you learn,
2. Knowledge Transfer, such as when people leave
3. Structured Support: critical for key leaders.

Our corporate trainingx3 formula will improve productive, enhance employee skills and abilities, boost staff adoption of organizational goals, amplify ability and responsiveness to change, fill the knowledge gaps to boost your staff’s position portfolio.

You will get:

1. Reduced Staff Turnover,
2. Real Competitive Advantage,
3. Increased Corporate Capability,
4. Higher Attraction for New Talent,
5. Boosted Driving Leadership,
6. Enhanced Skill Sets for Staff

Let us give your organization the Learning Culture to Retain & Attract talent by investing in your people with our dynamic training facilitation!

Find Out More www.ellabates.com or www.trainingx3.com