Julia Seaton

Julia Seaton

Julia Seaton

Real Estate

Julia Seaton C.N.E.
Sales Representative
Call Direct: 905-621-7064
E: Julia@JuliaSeaton.ca
W: www.juliaseaton.ca

It Starts With Listening

Ask Julia’s clients what sets her apart as a Realtor and you get a simple answer – Julia listens.

From Julia’s perspective that is among the highest of compliments because listening to her clients, truly understanding their wants and needs, gaining insight into their motivations, asking the right questions, and more importantly listening carefully to the answers is where she believes exceptional real estate service begins.

In listening carefully, Julia discovers not only what her clients are able to articulate in terms of their goals, dreams, wants and needs but also the areas where they are less clear and need support, advice or guidance.

Listening to understand and creating an environment of open, honest communication is the start from Julia’s perspective. Add hard work, flexibility, creativity and perseverance to the list and you have what she believes is a winning combination.

Hardest Working Realtor

Working hard comes naturally to Julia. As a successful Realtor and mother of two growing children she embraces, and puts everything she has, into both roles. The value of working hard as a Real Estate Sales Professional was reinforced to Julia at a conference early in her career where the key note speaker, a highly successful Agent, distilled the secret of success down to a simple formula-become the hardest working Realtor in your office, in your area and across your entire Real Estate Board.

Julia has taken that message to heart and works hard for her clients-staying abreast of the latest developments and changes in Real Estate through ongoing training and development, researching properties and property values, networking with her agent network to find properties for her buying clients or promote properties she has been engaged to sell, pre-viewing homes to reduce her clients legwork and so much more.

Being a good Realtor involves hard work. Working harder, and being better prepared as a result, Julia firmly believes, puts the advantage in her hands and the hands of her clients.

Variety Is The Spice

Julia genuinely likes people, likes getting to know them and enjoys hearing their stories. She finds she connects just as easily with other mothers and families at school or community events as she does with the many seniors and young couples. It makes sense then that Julia’s work in Real Estate is broad and varied and she likes it that way-enjoying the opportunity to help first time home buyers find their first home as much as she enjoys helping a growing family find the ideal location to raise their children or supporting a retired couple in downsizing to a home they can enjoy later in life.

For Julia, every person, couple or family is unique as are their needs. Getting to know people is very much part of what makes Real Estate sales rewarding for Julia and the perfect fit for someone who simply likes working with people.

Nothing Less Than Exceptional

A recent testimonial from a client described their experience, and the work Julia did on their behalf, as “nothing less than exceptional”. Kind words and high praise to be sure, and for Julia an articulation of the standard she has set for herself, and the impact she wants to have with each and every client she serves.

So much so, that Julia has adopted Nothing Less Than Exceptional as her tagline to serve as everyday reminder and a promise to you, her clients, of the standard of service, quality of experience and level of performance she is committed to delivering.