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I have been a BPA member for over 3 years and not only have I received many quality referrals from being a part of the BPA, I have also met a great group of trusted professionals who I also now consider my friends.

Jacqueline Doyle RMT, R.Ac, Acu-Pain Clinic

Since joining the BPA during last year’s launch, we have found good friends, good company and great results.   In our experience, the best part of the Business Professional Association has been the, “Professionals,” that we have had the pleasure to associate with.

Having had experience with other business networking groups we have seen the BPA results rise head and shoulders above others.  With great venues, fun events and great professional atmosphere it makes Wednesday’s lunch something to really look forward to each week.

I hope you enjoy and get as much out of your BPA membership as we have.

Chris Collucci, General Manager Clean4Me Inc.

As a professional marketing and communications expert, I know that networking is a key ingredient to the success of any business. I find that BPA fulfils that niche for me and the weekly meetings are well worth my time commitment and financial investment.

John Sturrup, JS2 Marketing & Communications

Despite my busy work schedule, I always make time to attend the weekly meetings. I have given and received numerous referrals and made many good friends along the way. The referrals I receive are always high quality because they are a “friend of a friend”. The referrals I give are always well serviced because I am referring to someone I know I can count on. Thanks BPA for a creative and fun way of helping me build my business.

Darryl Glover, Lawyer Glover & Associates

I have benefited greatly from my involvement with BPA over the past three years. I have become a kind of “Go To Guy” based on all that I have learned about my fellow BPA members and their businesses – when someone needs something, they always seem call me since “I always know a guy …”

I would highly recommend BPA to anyone looking to get referrals, make useful connections or be a better partner with their clients

Alastair Taylor, Taylor Made Coaching Inc.