Why BPA?

BPA a circle of business professionals networking and exchanging referrals.

BPA is the most cost effective way to expand your referral business. It is also the best way to refer your clients, friends or family to members who will provide them with the quality services that we personally are aware of and believe in. Membership in BPA can also help to build and enhance your client relationships and grow your client base.

As a member of BPA, you have exclusivity within the chapter regarding your profession or service. This way you are assured that you do not have to “compete” for referrals like in some referral organizations. All members are screened and references checked to ensure we provide only quality products and services through our group.

Weekly meetings are held over a luncheon setting. The BPA meeting structure and agenda provides an opportunity to network with other business professionals, provide education on networking, promote your services and exchange quality business referrals.

BPA – the association where business people gather
to meet, eat and grow their businesses!